Patient Reviews

“I love my chiropractor. He has allowed Jesus to use him, to heal people through chiropractic care.   I trust Dr. Awwad with my own children, newborn through adults. He is passionate about his job and has compassion for the people he serves. If you’re looking for relief, don’t look any further.  Rachel (16 year patient).”  

-Rachel Martinez De Leon 


“Hands down best chiropractor I have ever been adjusted by!!! Wonderful staff great location. Try Dr. Awwad once and you will switch!”

– Sally Beredo


“I’ve been getting adjusted by Dr. Awaad since I was 7 years old (well over 15 years!) I’ve been to others and they DON’T COMPARE because he’s just the best! Not only that, he’s a great guy :)”

– Jac Justice


“Dr. Awwad is phenomenal. He has been my chiropractor for 3 years, and I would recommend him to anyone. He has done wonders with my back issues. He is a wonderful doctor, but above all he is such a kindhearted person. He’s simply the best!”

– Terri Lynn Blanton


“Dr. Awwad is wonderful. I’ve been to several chiropractors and he is the only one that can adjust my cervical spine. I highly recommend him.his staff has always been friendly and very helpful. I’ve been coming to Dr. Awwad for over seven years and will continue.”  

-Julie Carroll Crabb